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Microsoft Legal Affairs

We work at the forefront of business and regulatory issues worldwide, taking a proactive and committed role in developing new legal and corporate solutions. AA: Microsoft`s legal team is part of the global Corporate External Legal Affairs (CELA) team and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA. We manage the region from Florida, so we have our regional headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. We have several subsidiaries in Latin America. The subsidiary I run – Argentina – is run by a team of four other people, some of whom are responsible for legal affairs and others for corporate affairs. So I not only have lawyers on the local team, but also people who have studied political science and bring a different perspective to corporate business. GC: Finally, what are the most important things you see for the legal and corporate team over the next 12 months? GC: What does your legal team look like in Argentina? “The regulatory transition of the tech sector will not be easy,” Smith wrote in the memo. “Never before has an industry in the world had to adapt so quickly to changes in so many areas of law. That is why it is so important that we start quickly and decisively. We need to develop a capability for Microsoft that will allow us to both comply with global regulations and innovate quickly. AA: Here in Argentina, she will continue to support the digital transformation process of business and government. It`s a huge thing – there`s a tremendous opportunity for all of us to embrace and use these new technologies. Topics related to cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will be the most challenging topics of the next 12 months, as well as legal issues that could arise in between, such as increasing the protection of end-user data and creating a safer, more transparent, and more private environment.

Building a reliable, accountable, and inclusive cloud is on my mind these days, working not only with businesses, but also with government on their digital transformation processes. We fully agree that, these days, the national government wants to prioritize the public education revolution, government modernization, zero poverty, and the fight against crime and drug trafficking. Based on these four pillars, we are working to partner with government and find solutions to these goals. In Latin America, Argentina was the first market to enact a law on the protection of personal data in line with European standards. Now that this cloud phenomenon is becoming more and more popular, some people still doubt whether or not it is legal to move to the cloud, whether the government can move to the cloud or not, or whether all clouds are the same. The most fruitful conversations we`ve had with customers, both in the private and public sectors, are about eliminating these ghosts and letting them know that it`s legal to move to the cloud in Argentina, and that`s true not only for the private sector, but also for the public sector. Microsoft Corp.`s in-house lawyers had an epiphany. They had been using different types of technologies such as e-invoicing and eDiscovery for years. But it`s only recently that they`ve realized they lack a solid plan to use new technologies, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning, to be more collaborative, efficient, and agile. Microsoft plans to increase its legal affairs team by 20 percent next year to “expand our regulatory capabilities before new legislation is passed,” Smith noted.

Currently, 1,600 employees are part of the company`s CECI branch. Microsoft`s new corporate, foreign and legal division is the winner of this year`s Best Use of Technology award. AA: It`s all about digital transformation. We`re very focused on evangelizing the market about what would be needed for everyone to move to the cloud – what red lights they should look for when hiring a cloud service. The memo, addressed to the company`s Department of Business, External Affairs and Legal (CELA), describes how Microsoft intends to “earn public trust and adapt to increased expectations and expanded global regulation of the technology industry.” In addition, several new management changes were announced as part of a reorganization (see below). Read stories about corporate, external, and legal affairs employees and their accomplishments at Microsoft. GC: You mentioned that you are helping government digitize and transform. Can you tell me a little bit about what you are doing in that area? Our mission at Microsoft is to empower every person and organization on the planet to do more.

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