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Morocco Legal Forms

A joint venture has no legal personality of its own and its existence is not normally disclosed to third parties, except to the tax authorities. Joint ventures are used for syndicates or for specific construction contracts. Many Americans befriend Moroccans through internet dating sites and social networks, and these relationships often lead to marriage or engagement. While many marriages between Americans and Moroccans are successful, the U.S. Consulate General in Casablanca warns against marriage fraud. It is not uncommon for foreigners to marry Americans solely for immigration purposes. Relationships created by correspondence, especially those that started on the Internet, are particularly susceptible to manipulation. Often, marriages in the United States end in divorce if the alien acquires lawful permanent residence (“green card”) or U.S. citizenship. In some cases, the new U.S. or permanent resident then marries a woman from whom they have already divorced, around the same time as a relationship with a sponsoring U.S. citizen. Limited liability companies (SAs) must have at least five shareholders, which can be legal entities or natural persons.

As with traditional limited liability companies, shareholder liability is limited to the amount of share capital held by the shareholder. When setting up the limited liability company, a quarter of the capital must be paid in advance if it is paid in cash. If it is paid in kind, it must be paid in full at the time of incorporation. Bearer and registered shares may be issued by the limited liability company. The minimum value of the share is 50 MDh. The company does not have a company name, but a trade name, and there are generally no restrictions on the sale and transfer of shares to third parties. The treatment of the above procedures, which are necessary in the case of the incorporation of a company, is not of enormous complexity (except sometimes the elaboration of the statutes), but they require attention to detail, signatures, stamps, legalizations, an inevitable legal folklore for the birth of a new person with legal autonomy. Questions relating to a particular convention may be addressed to a central or competent authority designated by a State for a particular convention. Details of these authorities are available on the website of the relevant Convention. If legal advice is required, the assistance of a qualified lawyer may be required.

– the joint-stock company (governed by Law No 17-95), on the one hand, and the other forms of company governed by Law 5-96, namely: To obtain the legal personality of the company, registration in the commercial register is mandatory. Have your document legalized and, if necessary, the translation with an apostille. The General Courts were established in 1974 to make the legal system more user-friendly. In the judiciary, judges are either professional members or elected by a local political body. Two elected councillors assist the elected judges. Small offences and civil disputes with a disputed value of less than $110 will be dealt with by these courts. Each of the sixty-eight courts has jurisdiction over civil, social and economic matters, as well as personal legends and real estate proceedings. Her marriage certificate was signed by the Moroccan consular officer who issued it. If this happened so long ago that the signature can no longer be verified, the consular service centre cannot legalize the certificate. However, you can ask the Moroccan consulate for proof of marriage.

The Consular Centre can legalize this document. On the one hand, the companies differ according to whether it is a partnership (without legal personality) or a corporation (legal person); Differences then arise with regard to the number of partners required, the maximum life of the company, the content of the articles of association and the minimum share capital required for the establishment. To use a document from Morocco to the Netherlands, you must first have it legalized by the Moroccan authorities. This is done with an apostille. This is a simplified form of legalisation that allows you to use your documents in the Netherlands. Moroccan law has been influenced since independence by French civil law and a mixture of Muslim and Jewish traditions. Laws and legal systems in Morocco have also been shaped by the Moroccan constitution. After the “Arab Spring”, the most recent constitutional amendments took place. After this upheaval, Moroccans drafted and accepted a new constitution in July 2011. If you got married in a Moroccan consulate in the Netherlands, you will have an original marriage certificate in Arabic and a Dutch translation by a sworn translator. Have these documents legalized by the Consular Services Centre. The limited liability company is the most common form of company in Morocco.

It is a commercial company that acquires legal personality as soon as it is registered in the commercial register. The number of partners can vary from at least one partner (in this case, it is a sole proprietorship) to a maximum of 50. If there are more than 50 partners, the partnership must be converted into a joint-stock company. Shareholders are free to stipulate the amount of share capital initially contributed in the articles of association. There is no longer a minimum. The share capital must be paid into a blocked account if it exceeds MAD 100,000, from which it cannot be withdrawn until the company is registered in the commercial register. Partner contributions may also take the form of in-kind contributions; In this case, they are evaluated by an auditor. This document is only intended to serve as a guide on marriage in Morocco.

Requirements may vary and change depending on local authorities. Marriage is a legal act governed by the laws of Morocco, and U.S. citizens are subject to those laws as interpreted by the relevant Moroccan authorities. In Moroccan law, the main types of business structures are: limited liability companies; limited liability companies; limited partnerships with shares; partnerships and limited partnerships; and joint ventures, which generally conform to the same nomenclature in Western corporate forms. The two most common are SA and LLC, as described below. The articles of association of the SARL must be written, legalized and contain at least the type of activity / object of the company, the registered office and tax domicile of the company, the identification of the director (s). Non-shareholders can also become directors of an LLC. If the company is not a sole proprietorship, the shareholders must indicate in the articles of association the liability regime to which they are subject. The Permanent Bureau does not respond to legal requests from individuals or legal practitioners in connection with the application of the various Hague Conventions. The Arab-American Chamber of Commerce will certify the Washington government documents, authenticate them with the U.S.

Department of State, and legalize them at the Moroccan Embassy in Washington DC. The branch or subsidiary of a foreign company is considered an independent legal entity. However, the Moroccan branch must disclose certain details regarding its parent company, representatives and delegated powers. When registering a branch in Morocco, the foreign parent company must submit its articles of association with the branch`s instruments of incorporation. What are the most common forms of business for foreign entrepreneurs investing in Morocco? Organizations have different requirements as to when your document should have been issued and legalized.

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