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Motocross Rules and Regulations

In addition, we allow wooden and enduro bikes on the track because it is a great place to choose the technique, but keep in mind that if it is not a motocross bike, it does not have the suspension to absorb high jumps, which can cause you to reach the ground (see photo) and possibly damage you, your bike or others. Absolutely no skipping rental bikes. As we approach our annual Moto-X event, we find that not all riders have experience on the motocross track or know what to expect on a track! This article covers 5 of the most important rules and guidelines of a motocross track, especially for Over And Out Moto-X from June 25th to 27th! Read on! Starting in 2015, all international participants wishing to participate in the AMA Amateur Motocross program must submit an application for approval of their eligibility. For AMA Amateur Motocross competition, all citizens or non-U.S. competition riders participating in foreign motocross competitions outside the United States must obtain authorization prior to participating in an event by contacting WADA`s Motocross Racing Department. Please follow the link to the WADA International Eligibility Approval Application: International Eligibility Application Usually, training on a motocross track is done as a 15 or 18 minute motorcycle, each motorcycle for a class (A, B, veterinary, etc.). At OAOMX, we will ride 18-minute motorcycles and run 3 “classes” or rider levels: the regulations apply to all WADA-sanctioned competitions. Supplementary regulations are additions to the rules based on the needs of a particular series. All supplementary regulations are approved by WADA. Remember, you and your family are guests of Humphries County and Loretta Lynn. You represent WADA and our great motocross sport.

Their behaviour will affect the way the public perceives our sport. Inappropriate behavior reported by hotel managers, local business staff, ranch employees, or law enforcement officials may result in disqualification. They worked too hard to take advantage of this opportunity. WELCOME! The riders and their families have worked long and hard to reach this high level of competition. We want you to have a good time in Loretta, but we also want you to have every chance to give your best in competition. This means that there are ground rules that everyone must follow. Failure to comply with these rules may result in your disqualification and/or exclusion from the event. This also applies to your booth team. Remember that the driver is responsible for the actions of his pit team. WADA-sanctioned events are conducted according to the rules developed and written by the WADA Congress, WADA`s regulatory body composed of WADA organizers. Have a good trip and see you at the races! ADVANCED – The first 18 minutes of every hour. Riders who are able to ride safely with more speed and momentum to overcome jumps have the lane.

If you`re not prepared or comfortable on the track right now, stay away, take a break and hydrate. Do not make sudden stops or cuts on paths and paths. Other runners may try to maintain their momentum and time their own movements. Besides, none of us are mind readers!! It is important to keep “HOLD YOUR LINE”, which means that you stay in the lane you are in and that you do not cross side by side on the trail or trail. BEGINNERS – No jumps are allowed during these last 18 minutes of each lesson. In order for us to continue to host such events, everyone must drive safely within their limits. This event is NOT the place to take a big jump for the first time or jump on a bigger or harder bike than you can ride. Let`s all be smart! When you hear the noisy engine of a fast driver coming up behind you, the best thing you can do is hold your leash and let it pass. Do not try to move to avoid them, otherwise you risk causing an accident. If an evacuation is necessary, leave everything and immediately head to the nearest evacuation area designated above or to the highest point.

When you arrive at the ranch, familiarize yourself with the marked evacuation routes so that you are prepared and know where to go in the unlikely event of an evacuation. Parents, please practice with your children and make them aware of the purpose of marked routes: where to go, why to go, when to go and what to do when they get there. Take a break between your favorite motorcycle, sit in the shade, snack and hydrate! Let`s all stay safe and have a great weekend! This event is also not the ideal place to put a heavy dual sport or adventure bike on the track. We have FREE guided rides for large double sports and bikes with on-road/off-road tires. Sign up for one of them! ALL – The middle of every hour. Different levels of drivers will be on the track together. Keep movements predictable, keep your line and pay appropriate attention to other runners. WADA`s Amateur Competition Rules are intended exclusively for WADA-approved clubs and promoters and promoters hosting WADA-sanctioned events. WHITE – Last lap. The bike will end soon, take your last lap. You will recognize the beginning and end of each bike by the flags that are waved on the track. Here are the main flag colors you need to know: When you get on the track or drive through an active area, you MUST look for moving traffic in both directions.

Only enter or cross the road when the coast is completely clear. Consider a driver`s momentum and don`t cut it off. Be patient, let them pass and then take the track. RED – Reduce your speed and exit the track or safely return to the pit area.

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