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Ncat Housing Rules

To be exempted from your housing contract, you must contact an operations coordinator or the director of your venue. Notice to the Office of the Registrar, the Student Financial Assistance Office and/or other university departments does not constitute a definitive waiver of your housing allocation. You MUST schedule a meeting or email your venue manager to notify your cancellation request BEFORE you can complete the vacancy process. Your room manager will provide you with the apartment release form by email, which you can fill out within 24-48 hours of receiving the email. (Applies only to students currently living in their accommodation) The Housing Liberation Policy applies to all students who have signed a housing contract or housing contract for the current academic year. Below are instructions for waiving penalty fees, cancellation deadlines, and proper steps to complete the apartment release form. Upon receipt and verification of the release form, students will receive a: In case of unforeseen circumstances (ONLY subject to availability), a Deluxe Single Room or Single Room can be accommodated in the traditional rooms. Guidelines for the Review of Penalty Fee Waiver: A penalty fee will be charged for all applications received without meaningful documentation. Sebastian University Apartments consists of three sub-complexes known as Sebastian Courtyard, Sebastian Place and Sebastian Villages. There are rare exceptions to breach of contractual agreement. For a fair review of the application, complete documentation is required to prove a change in circumstances IMPORTANT AFTER the contract is signed.

The application must be submitted in writing for examination and must be subject to the following specific guidelines: The housing contract is valid for the entire school year (autumn and spring) and is invoiced on a semester basis. (The University reserves the right to increase room rates for the next academic year).

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